"L'anno scorso ho scoperto la Finlandia; ho cominciato quest'anno scoprendo Firenze. Dopo tutto, è una questione di ordine alfabetico. Tutto ciò ben si addice alla mia nevrosi, che unisce ambizioni enciclopediche e manie rigorosamente metodiche. Prima della Giamaica dovrebbe venire la Francia" Giorgio Manganelli.
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mercoledì 6 novembre 2013

teilhard de chardin in china 1935

The multitude of new things and new people that I've seen the last two months, added to the uprooting from my own world, has left me rather dazed. I haven't yet managed to master or digest the mass of strange impressions and outlooks that I have briefly and superficially come up against—at an age, too, when my mind is already losing its elasticity. My strongest impression at the moment is a confused one that the human world (to look no further than that) is a huge and disparate thing, just about as coherent, at the moment, as the surface of a rough sea. I still believe, for reasons imbued with mysticism and metaphysics, that this incoherence is the prelude to a unification. I have also noted, I think (in visiting some of the large Catholic centres of social work in Hongkong and Shanghai) that Catholicism has an extraordinary power of penetrating and re-shaping souls (I have met children, old people and nuns, Chinese men and women, who really seemed to look at me with that man-to-man communication which I might have expected to find from Europeans). The fact remains, however,
that the multiplicity of human elements and human points of view revealed by a journey in the Far East is so ' overwhelming that one cannot conceive of a religious life, a religious organism,
assimilating such a mass without being profoundly modified and enriched by it—unless a preliminary effort to introduce intellectual and social uniformity should succeed in levelling-out the deep diversity which still separates oriental peoples from our Mediterranean civilisation


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